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The Bay Area’s Greatest Restaurants

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San Francisco has been a popular tourist destination for as long as I have been alive, so it would only make sense that the food there is on par with the other activities. With so many amazing restaurants located within the town, there are a lot of people (tourists and residents) who have a difficult time deciding on which establishment to dine at. Because I am so familiar with the restaurants in town, I know exactly which ones are the best and which ones are the worst. For the purposes of these reviews, I will be discussing what makes the great ones so great.

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The first restaurant I will be discussing is Ushi Taro, a ramen restaurant. Found north of Inner Sunset in San Francisco, there are no shortage of other ramen places located nearby. The problem with all of these other ramen restaurants is that they don’t get every aspect of the business right, whereas Ushi Taro does. This does not mean that they are bad, it just means that Ushi Taro is significantly better. The first thing that I noticed about Ushi Taro is the wide variety on the menu, so any fans of Japanese cuisine will not be disappointed.

A few of my favorite dishes to order from here are the tempura mushrooms, onsen egg, and the original ramen. The original ramen is what you would expect it to be, but the chefs don’t just stop there. Each dish is flavorful and nuanced, ensuring that each is unique enough to be memorable but still classic at the same time. I appreciate that the chefs take the time to cook each dish to perfection, as I have never been disappointed with my meals. You can tell that they only buy the freshest of ingredients, that way no customer is left dissatisfied.

While I am on the topic of the chefs, I would like to point out that they are among the most professional I have seen anywhere in San Francisco, let alone California. No matter how busy or frustrated they may be, they certainly never show it. My main concern with Ushi Taro is actually both a blessing and a curse for them, and it is their popularity. Being a successful business is always the intent, but during the dinner rush hours of the day it can be annoying to navigate through so many customers. Fortunately for us, Ushi Taro is very roomy once you’re inside and I have never seen or heard of any problems with seating.

In fact, the staff is actually very accommodating. If you bring a guest in a wheelchair or with small children, don’t worry about it. The wait staff will ensure that you are properly tended to. Even as popular as San Francisco is, you would be surprised at how many restaurants are unable to help if you bring someone in a wheelchair. It’s not that debilitating.

Another thing that deserves mention is the pricing at this San Francisco restaurant. It does not matter if you are ordering a large dish, a dessert, or even a large selection of drinks. No matter the quantity, you would be hard presses to overspend at Ushi Taro. There is a difference between restaurants offering cheap food, and offering affordable prices on high-quality food.

Ushi Taro absolutely falls into the latter category. I am not the only one who thinks so, which is made abundantly clear by the many amazing online reviews. If you are unsure whether or not ramen is your thing, I would still encourage you to at least try a small dish. Who knows, you may end up loving it like I do.

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Next, a Himalayan restaurant located in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights. Little Nepal has never ceased to amaze me, whether it’s how well the wait staff treat you, or the beautifully decorated interior design. I have personally never been to Nepal, but after tasting Nepalese food I’m curious to see what it tastes like from the source. Little Nepal is definitely what would be considered authentic, so don’t worry about having americanized foreign food. Only the genuine stuff here, and I love it.

As I mentioned above, Little Nepal has a very nice looking interior to the building. Nothing too flashy or artsy. All of the restaurants on this list have a great selection on the menu, otherwise, they would not be on the list. With so many great options on the menu at Little Nepal, I will always have to ask the staff for help in deciding on something to order. They are always attentive and helpful, so I am never disappointed with the suggestions that they offer to me.

From what the wait staff tells me, the chicken momo appetizer is one of their most popular dishes. I’m usually too full to try it, but there’s always next time. I am sure that if you read one of Little Nepal’s great reviews online then you will see something mentioning it. Why not check after this review?

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Last but not least, a brasserie found just south of South Park in San Francisco. A brasserie is just a relaxed restaurant with French themes, but it really sets itself apart from any other type of restaurant. French cuisine is my favorite, after all. One consistent theme that I have found with many European restaurants is their cleanliness. I have seen far too many restaurants in San Francisco go out of business because they did not maintain their sanitation, and I would hate to see this one go.

After talking to a lot of different restaurant owners in San Francisco, they all mentioned restaurant kitchen cleaning as the most important aspect of cleaning a restaurant. It’s one of the most important because an establishment can go up in flames in a matter of minutes. Marlowe has some amazing staff, as they manage to keep everything clean while simultaneously staying on top of all the incoming customers.

I’m hesitant to say that Marlowe gets packed, but it’s a very popular place. Saying that it gets packed makes it seem kind of small. With so many people eating here on a regular basis, you know that Yelp and Google are going to be flooded with positive online reviews for this San Francisco restaurant.