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The New Top Three Restaurants in Las Vegas

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It has certainly been a while since I wrote my last restaurant review, so my latest opinions have changed of course. Las Vegas still has plenty of amazing restaurants, but that does not necessarily mean that they are at the top. These are going to be three more reviews of the most recent top three restaurants in Las Vegas, and I will try to pick three varied restaurants so you can pick one if you do not like the other two. Keep in mind that these are purely opinions, and everyone has a different one.

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Today’s first restaurant is Oscar’s Steakhouse. This restaurant is located inside of the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, which is also a great place to stay if you do not already have one. Steakhouse are generally seen as higher class establishments, so the fact that we are in Las Vegas should already give you some level of what to expect. Oscar’s Steakhouse does a lot of things right, but I will have to narrow them down to a few for the sake of brevity. First of all, the food here is amazing.

It may be a steakhouse, but that does not mean you have to order a steak. Not everyone likes steaks, no matter how fancy they are? What if you’re a vegan? Although if you ’re a vegan there are probably more specific places that you can visit in Las Vegas for your style of cuisine. My favorite dish to order from Oscar’s Steakhouse is the crab meat bisque, so just from that piece of information alone, it should be obvious that they cater to everyone.

The management did a very good job in choosing the selection on the menu, and I applaud them for that. It doesn’t take much to just offer steaks and salads, and you will come to see a lot of Las Vegas restaurants doing that if you eat out as often as I do. Speaking of salads, the chopped salad is to die for. I saw people ordering it on multiple occasions, and I was not disappointed when I finally tried it.

The only problem I had was that my stomach is not big enough to eat all of the food on the menu! No matter what you order from Oscar’s Steakhouse, it seems like the chefs only use the freshest of ingredients in your dish. You can tell from the sight alone that they put a lot of care into each individual plate, too. I’m talking about garnishes, extra little sauces, and overall very clean-looking meals. I’ve never had better tasting Caesar salad dressing either, which happens to be my favorite.

Food is the purpose of going to a restaurant, but if food is the only reason you go then why don’t you just eat at home? That’s because restaurants are supposed to offer an overall experience to the customers, which is exactly what Oscar’s Steakhouse does. All of the staff is very kind and down to earth, so do not be afraid to ask them any questions that you are unsure about. I’m always asking what exactly goes into each dish, but that’s also because I secretly want to start preparing these dishes for myself at home. All I need now is a culinary degree and years of experience.

Oscar’s Steakhouse has a very well kept interior too, which I have come to expect from all of my favorite restaurants now (to no avail). It would be very difficult not to eat at Oscar’s Steakhouse after reading this review, which is exactly what happened to me after reading on the many positive online reviews. Normally the only thing that keeps me from coming back to Las Vegas restaurants is the prices, but even those are amazing as well!

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Next up, Carson Kitchen is less of a specific style of cuisine. They offer a wide range of things for you to order, including wild mushroom flatbread (my favorite) and gyro tacos. I have tried to make gyros on my own, and it is far better when you just order them at a restaurant instead. Regardless, do not hesitate to eat at Carson Kitchen if you have a picky eater with you. Every time I eat here I order something different, and last time I had the “Stupid Good Shrimp”.

Sometimes people aren’t looking for something specific, and they just want to be surprised with the selection on a menu. This time around, you will be eating near downtown Las Vegas. Not too far from the casinos, but a reasonable enough distance away from all the crowds and freaks. What separates Carson Kitchen from a lot of other downtown Vegas restaurants is the level of sanitation. It’s like the management is entirely comprised of clean freaks, who never leave the restaurant until it is spotless.

A lot of restaurants struggle with cleaning, not just in Nevada. Sometimes it’s an issue of your staff not being able to clean things properly, but honestly, it could be a variety of factors. Whatever the case, if your restaurant is located in Las Vegas then you are covered. Years of restaurant experience have shed light on the best Restaurant Kitchen Cleaners that NV has to offer. Don’t just take my word for it though, that’s why there are tons of great online reviews for consumers to read.

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Last but not least, a restaurant in Las Vegas for all of you breakfast people out there. What if you work the night shift, and you’re more of a nocturnal person but still love to eat breakfast? That is where Eggslut comes into play. Here, you will be eating at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Eggslut offers everything that you should have come to expect from a Las Vegas restaurant by now but also offers so much more.

I am not usually someone who likes to eat breakfast each morning, but this food is too good to pass up. I’ll eat it both at morning and night. Again, the staff here is very friendly and open. They are also very knowledgeable of what goes into each item, as well as what it tastes like. If a restaurant’s staff does not eat the food there, how can you take their opinions on it seriously?

The last thing that I want to talk about here is the reviews. Yes, of course, a great restaurant in a town this big has positive reviews, but not all of them have reviews from my family. Each person I bring to Eggslut has something great to say about it, and that is not an exaggeration.