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The Top Three Restaurants in Phoenix

great restaurant in phoenix

Another day, another pile of great restaurants that I have to sort through. With so many restaurants found in Phoenix, it can be hard for people to keep track of which ones are good and which ones are not. Fortunately for you guys, all of the Phoenix restaurants on this list are consistently good.

That way you are not wasting your time or money, and everyone can go home happy after eating an amazing meal in Phoenix. Not a lot of people know what to look for specifically in a restaurant, so hopefully this article can help to guide you towards more reliable places in the future.

cibo restaurant in phoenix

The first restaurant I will be talking about today is Ocotillo. There are no gimmicks or any other similar marketing schemes to grab potential customers here. The restaurant’s management just does their best to provide a superior service to their competitors in Phoenix. You will be eating one or two streets east of the Phoenix Country Club, which is a very nice part of town. There are a lot of great restaurants nearby that are close second places, but Ocotillo still steals the spotlight.

I am sure that the country club offers a lot of high-end food and everything, since it is a country club after all. But you essentially have to be an upper-class elite to dine at places like that, and personally I don’t think the food is as good as they make it out to be. Ocotillo has a very good selection on the menu, but a lot of the choices include breakfast and brunch options. This is a great place to visit if you are too lazy to make your own breakfast, like I am. Kids are welcome, and the atmosphere is very open and friendly.

You will never feel unwanted in Ocotillo, which is the way that it should be. The staff at some restaurants are not amazing at keeping their cool during high-stress situations, which becomes abundantly clear when they snap at customers. A lot of restaurants in Phoenix are guilty of this, but not Ocotillo. Whoever hired their staff deserves special praise. But the whole point of eating at a restaurant is the food, right?

My favorite food to order from this Phoenix restaurant is the avocado toast. It may not be a whole lot of food, but it is extremely satisfying. The only other thing that I would really even consider ordering regularly is the falafel burger, but only because that is a killer. Who knew that burgers could be so good at a restaurant that basically specializes in breakfast and brunch food? Not me, that’s for sure.

Don’t just stop after your entree, though. Ocotillo has more than enough desserts to bring out the secret sweet tooth in everyone. There’s chocolate cake, apple pastries, and even strawberries with ricotta! It doesn’t sound good at first, but you will see how tasty it is once you try it for yourself. Every town can have a restaurant with great food.

What separates the great businesses from the expensive ones is how much bang you get for your buck. Phoenix is not a tourist trap by any means, but it still has its fair share of restaurants that charge a lot for aesthetic. Ocotillo gets everything right as well, and doesn’t charge you anything more than an affordable price. That’s how they obtained so many positive online reviews, after all.

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Cibo is an Italian restaurant found in Phoenix. Any large town can have an Italian restaurant in it, but Cibo is on another level. Here, you will be dining in the the warehouse district of Phoenix. This sounds like industrial zoning, but do not make the mistake of seeing this as a dump location. You won’t find a better Italian restaurant in this area.

No matter what dish I order, it always trumps the other variations of it that I can find at other Italian restaurants. The first thing that most people will notice upon entering Cibo is the beautiful interior. Whoever was in charge of this Phoenix restaurant’s aesthetic deserves a raise. Not only does it look elegant and classy, but you never get the impression that they were trying too hard or anything like that. They really make decorating look easy, honestly.

Another thing that I want to mention about this Phoenix restaurant is the service. Not only is the service amazing, but it has always been consistent with each one of my meals here. I will never have to wait that long for my meals, which is much appreciated.

After all, most of the time at restaurants is spent just waiting to order and then waiting for the food. The actual eating is probably a fifth of the time you spend there. In any event, if you value service then Cibo is your place. Any restaurant with great online reviews has at least a few of them mention how great the service is. It’s a necessity.

los los chicken and waffles

The last restaurant that I will talk about today is Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles. This restaurant is found by east Washington Plaza in Phoenix. There’s not a ton that I can say about this location, but at least it isn’t found in a horrible side of town. My favorite thing about this restaurant is how clean the staff insists on keeping it. The first thing that I think of when I hear “soul food” is Southern food, which is primarily deep-fried.

Unless you’re eating at a vegan Southern restaurant (they exist), then the restaurant’s kitchen is going to have lots of grease buildup in it. Sanitation is important, and I am sure that Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles is just as clean in the kitchen as it is everywhere else. This is a great opportunity to notify any other Phoenix restaurant owners who are reading this article, because rebuilding a whole restaurant after an unfortunate grease fire will not come cheap.

There is an amazing business for a Phoenix hood cleaning that isn’t set up too far away from this area, so make sure to utilize them to your advantage. That way you will never miss out on any potential positive reviews.